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  • Reliable assistance in creating software -

    Baroo Software is a dependable company with experience in software development and outsourcing services from Poland. The team consists of a number of alumni - all from top Universities of Technology from this country - who are willing to work on demanding and ambitious projects for their clients. They use many different languages and tools to create advanced and effective solutions. Each cooperation is discussed in great detail to make sure the company adheres to the client's suggestions and expectations.

    Software development outsourcing in Poland

    Software development outsourcing in Poland is very cost-effective, especially for companies from the Western Europe or the United States and Canada. The country has a large percentage of people with higher education in technology and texperience in the field. However, the prices are still so much lower than in Western countries, while the quality of assistance is extremely high. To make sure Baroo Software is able to complete a chosen project, the clients should get acquainted with the information available on the website, but also contact the company directly.

    Baroo Software
    108 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2
    544 449 444
  • Disc manufacturing services -

    Printmasta specialises in disc manufacturing and cassette tape production. They can prepare any of the following formats - CD, DVD and Blu-ray using either duplication or replication. Moreover, they specialise in the production of packaging for these products. The various available options, like jewel cases, digipak and more will let the clients choose a box which suits his or her merchandise best. The company's strategic location - in Eastern Europe - allows it to offer some of the lowest prices on the market.

    Cassette tape production

    Cassette tape production is one of the services offered by Printmasta. Even though this particular formal is becoming slowly outdated, many artists and performers appreciate the vintage feeling it brings. The company is going to make sure each copy is prepared carefully and all the data has been replicated. Additionally, they will also provide the client with a number of different tape shells styles to choose from to personalise the commission. The information about the costs of the production can be found on their website.

    Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 02-561 Warszawa